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Norplan is the international brand name for two Norwegian-based engineering and development consultancies, Multiconsult AS and Asplan Viak AS.

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Our wide range of services has earned us an international reputation for quality and excellence. We have to date carried out over 1000 separate assignments in more than 100 countries.

We offer expertise in three key areas:

  • Renewable Energy and Environment
  • Industry, Oil and Gas
  • Urban Planning and Development

Living close to nature, finding solutions and making things work better has always been a part of Norwegian everyday life. The Norplan history dates back to 1908, when hydropower consulting engineer Ragnvald Lie started Norsk Vandbygningskontor (NVK). Ragnvald`s first assignment was the Frøland hydropower project in Bergen, and with his colleagues he engineered hydropower plants all over Norway.

Today, one hundred years later, the challenges are the same as they were when Ragnvald started the company – to balance economic growth and technology with innovation and sustainable development. Our wide range of consulting services ensures exactly that.

We believe in acting ethically and responsibly in all our projects and strive for our own business and conduct to be as sustainable as possible. We work closely with local communities and always aim for positive and constructive dialogue with stakeholders and the authorities.

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