(Stein) Runar Bergheim

(Stein) Runar Bergheim, Regional Director, Europe

Mr Bergheim is Regional Director for NORPLAN Europe and has a particular interest in European research and development projects. He oversees the operations of the Brussels office and coordinates NORPLANs participation in European markets.

Mr Bergheim has more than 18 years of experience within GIS, database and spatial web application implementation from assignments in Europe, the Middle East and Norway within areas such as: establishment of regional, national and trans-national spatial data infrastructures (SDIs), spatial and societal planning; natural resource management; digitization and presentation of cultural heritage and; e-learning.

His key areas of interest are Spatial (GIS), Semantic and Social Web technologies including: organizational infrastructure development system architecture; data modelling; technical- and functional user requirements specifications; semantic interoperability; open, standard-based web services; spatial database technologies; decentralised information infrastructure and business process analysis.

Mr Bergheim is active in a range of international information technology related policy, implementation and R&D activities. He has strong presentation skills and is equally at home communicating with high-level management, big audiences, leading technical workshops and performing one-on-one coaching sessions. He has been a lecturer in data modelling, spatial databases, GIS and remote sensing at the Sogn og Fjordane University College and has been guest lecturing at the University of Tromsø and University of Bergen. Bergheim was co-founder of Asplan Viak Internet in 2001 and managing director from 2002 – 2008. He has wide experience from project management.