Dr Svein Stoveland

Dr. S. Stoveland is a Sanitary Engineer and Policy and institutional expert.

Svein Stoveland has his technical research background from Imperial College, London University (M.Sc., Ph. D) on biological wastewater treatment and development of analytical methods for heavy metal analysis in wastewater sludges.

Stoveland has worked for about 15 years in Africa in various capacities working with national governments. Initially assignment was supervising operation and maintenance of 60 wastewater treatment facilities. He later established an applied research division for water and wastewater facilities for local applications.

Stoveland has work with central governments in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Afghanistan ( 6 yrs) as strategic planner and policy development adviser and national coordinator for water and wastewater sector.

In Norway Stoveland has lead the development of wastewater and environmental plans for more than 10 local authorities in southern Norway with the focus on reducing pollution loads on receiving waters.

While working with NORPLAN, Stoveland has been the focal point on international projects in water and environmental sector. This has covered projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Afghanistan, India, Malawi Palestine, Kenya and other places.

Many of the projects overseas has been funded by UN, World Bank or multilateral donor agencies and as such Stoveland is experienced with undertaking projects under regulations set by such international agencies.