Tor Gunnar Øverli

Tor Gunnar Øverli, Executive Director, NORPLAN

The Executive Director of Norplan AS is Mr Tor Gunnar Øverli, formely coordinator of international activities in Asplan Viak and currently CEO of Asplan Viak Group tech subsidiary AVINET. He has former been head of Urban Planning and Development of NORPLAN and member of Asplan Viak Ethical Board.

Mr.Tor Gunnar Øverli has extensive experience within information technology with a special focus on geomatics from projects worldwide, including all phases from defining requirements, guiding processes, executing tender processes, training and management.

Mr. Øverli has been participating in various projects related to simplifying and make the processes of land use planning and building permits more efficient by ICT technology. He has played a key-role in the design and implementation of a new street addressing system in Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Øverli has been involved in SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) initiatives in the Middle East and Europe. He participated in the European standardisation work of Inspire as member of one of the thematic working groups. He is now a senior advisor and project manager for revising the principles of land use planning in Norway to meet the needs for land use in 3 dimensions.

He has participated in multiple EU funded research and development projects as work-package- and task leader. Mr. Øverli was engaged as an independent appraisal and monitoring agent for the Norwegian / EEA grant.