Effective 1st of January 2017, Asplan Viak has acquired full ownership of NORPLAN AS through an agreement with former co-owner Multiconsult AS.

NORPLAN AS was established in 1971 as a partnership to execute international consultancy and engineering assignments. Since then, the name has become a prominent export brand for Norway’s leading urban planners, architects and engineers.

Strengthened Focus on International Operations

The acquisition of NORPLAN AS represents a strengthened focus on Asplan Viak’s international operations.

Portrait of Øyvind Mork, CEO Asplan Viak Group

Øyvind Mork, CEO Asplan Viak Group

We wish to strengthen the NORPLAN brand that has been established throughout the many years the company has existed. NORPLAN will be instrumental in promoting our international market position, where we see great potential through both existing and new partnerships.