National Water Sector Strategic Plan and Action Plan


In 2009 the Cabinet of Ministers of the Palestinian National Authority endorsed an “Action Plan for Reform” towards the definition and implementation of a comprehensive programme for institutional and legislative reform in the Palestinian water sector. The programme reflects the need for the Palestinian National Authority to govern the water sector in best manner in the perspective of being a separate state from Israel. The overall reform include the reorganization of the water sector and institutions, capacity building and the development of strategies and policies.


The Palestinian National Authority as the pre-runner for a separate Palestinian state, has a big challenge in developing well functioning institutions and sound governance for the water sector as for all different sectors. However, water being a scarce commodity, but most important basis for the welfare of people, makes the challenge for Palestinian Water Authority to a crucial one.

The water sector reform therefore prioritises the establishment of strong, capable and sustainable institutions, infrastructure that improves the water supply and sanitation situation, and sound water management that accelerate equitable access to water.

Scope of work

The project as a part of the reform programme, shall seek to operationalize the overall national strategies pinpointed in previous strategies and plans.

Purpose of the work

The primary objectives of the project was:

  • To prepare a detailed Water Sector Strategic Development Plan that includes the vision, priorities and anticipated results for the coming 5 years based on existing resources, capacities and considering the developed Water Sector Strategy for 20132 – 2032 and National Water Sector Strategy for 2014 – 2016.
  • To develop needed Action Plans based on the Strategic Development Plan

The main tasks in the project are the following:

  • Conduct literature review and discuss with PWA counterparts relevant documents.
  • Develop Strategic Development Plan and Action Plan for the Water Sector, including developing Water Sector SDP for the next 5 years (2015 – 2019) considering existing plans, and identifying needed investment programmes.

Description of services provided

The assignment started with mobilisation and preparation of an Inception Report, clarifying more in detail the scope of work, time schedule and deliverables.

A number of documents have been reviewed, synthesising the information and resolve any inconsistencies, identifying and addressing information gaps, and conducting key focused interviews to complete information.

The development of the strategic development plan started with identifying the driving forces for the water sector, assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), as the basis for preparing the strategic development plan.

After discussing and clarifying the strategic development plan as well as identified investment programmes, the action plan was developed and presented to the client, eventually also presented to the donor community.

The output and reporting has been as follows:

  • Inception Report
  • Draft Strategic Plan for the Water Sector
  • Final Strategic Plan for next 5 years and conducted a workshop
  • Draft Action Plans for Palestinian Water Authority
  • Final Action Plans
  • Final Strategic Plan and Action Plan in English
  • Final Report on project implementation

Snapshots from the project

Project data

Internal Project Number 606435
Project Title National Strategic Plan and Action Plan
Project Category Strategic plan, Action Plan, Water Sector
Fields of Expertise Water and Environment, Water and Wastewater studies and governance
Participating Offices Kristiansand, Stavanger
Deliverables Inception Report, Reports on Strategic Plan and Action Plan
Project Duration 2015 – 2016
Size of Project Area N/A
Project Location Palestine
NORPLAN Contact Person Dr Svein Stoveland
Client Palestinian Water Authority
Client Contact Person Mr. Hafez Shaheen, Director
Cooperating Partners Universal Group for Engineering and Consulting (NORPLAN sub-consultant to Universal Group)
Awards  N/A
Project Value  USD 20,000



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