Powerhouse Kjoerbo

Powerhouse Kjorboe is the world first rehabilitated pluss-house. This implies that it over its expected timespan of 60 years will produce more renewable energy than it consumes, including the production of material and rehabilitation.

The Powerhouse partnership consists of Entra Eiendom, Skanska, Snøhetta architects, Hydro, Sapa and Asplan Viak. They shared a vision of constructing a pluss-house in the cold and tough climate of Scandinavia.

By optimalisation and combination of known technology in innovative ways, an ordinary office building from the 1980s may produce more renewable energy than it consumes though its lifespan. The key has been to minimise the energy consumption and combine this with the production of renewable energy.

The Powerhouse Kjørbo produces over 200 000 kWh electricity annually. The building has been given BREEAM certification “Outstanding – As Built”.

More information on powerhouse.no/powerhouse-kjorbo

Project data

Project Title Powerhouse Kjorboe
Project Category Renewable Energy, Office Building
Fields of Expertise Energy and Environment
Deliverables Design and supervision
Project Duration 2012–2014
Size of Project Area 5200 m2
Project Location Sandvika, Norway
NORPLAN Contact Person Peter Bernhard
Client Entra Eiendom
Cooperating Partners Snøhetta, Norsk Hydro, Sapa, Zero, Skanska

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