Land Use Master Plan for South Al Batinah Region Plains


The South Al Batinah Region is located next to Muscat, the capital of Oman, which has led to a population growth in the region much higher than the average in the country.

To a large extent the people living here is commuting to Muscat on a daily basis, but a number of new work places have been created in the region. The need for developing urban areas has therefore gained high priority, and the Ministry of Housing has initiated a Land Use Master Plan.


As all citizens of Oman are entitled to a plot of land for erecting their house at the age of 23, the pressure on carrying out urban planning is heavy. As there is no deadline for erecting the house, many citizens wait until a later stage to do so, and the urban plan must therefore by far cover the actual number of houses being erected.

Scope of work

The scope of work is to prepare a detailed master plan for existing urban areas as well as urban extension areas as defined in a master plan for the coastal area for both South and North Al Batinah regions. The plan enables commercial, agricultural, and residential development of the area, in an optimized and balanced way, for social, economic, cultural and environmental benefit of the citizens and visitors to this area. This includes sufficient social infrastructure and public /semi-public functions, serving the residential areas, and industrial zones of South Al Batinah Region.

This plan will then work as a basis for detailed plot planning in the urban areas by parceling out plots for residential and commercial use as well as for detailing the road hierarchy.

The purpose of the work:

  • To prepare a detailed Land-Use Master Plan within Urban Zone and Urban Expansion Zone.
  • To prepare sub-divisional layout with sub-divisional infrastructure for the designated Urban Zone and Urban Expansion Zone as specified in the Coastal Area Master Plan. Integrating these zones to meet housing and the related land use demands in a planned manner which would encourage to achieve better economic, social, and environmental developments in the region.

Description of services provided

  • Phase 1: Review of Al Batinah Coastal Area Master Plan Prepared by SCP.
  • Phase 2: Establish Strategic Land Use Policy Framework.
  • Phase 3: Detailed Land Use Plan.
  • Phase 4: Detailed Sub-divisional Plan.
  • Phase 5: Regulations and Implementation Plans and Budget.

Key concepts

Project data

Internal Project Number 600246
Project Title Land Use Master Plan for South Al Batinah Region Plains
Project Category Regional Plan, Land Use Master Plan, Urban Plan
Fields of Expertise Plan and Urbanism, Transportation, Urban Development, Municipal and Regional Planning, Impact Assessment, Transportation
Participating Offices NORPLAN Oman, Asplan Viak Oslo, Stavanger
Deliverables Land Use Master Plan for urban areas and urban expansion areas as well as thematic reports
Project Duration 2015 – ongoing (planned until 2017)
Size of Project Area 1,000 km2
Project Location South Al Batinah Region, Oman
NORPLAN Contact Person Tone Bjørnhaug
Client Ministry of Housing, Sultanate of Oman
Client Contact Person Abullah Al Maazrouey, DEC
Cooperating Partners Dawood Engineering Consultants (DEC) (NORPLAN acting as sub-consultant to DEC)
Awards N/A
Project Value USD 300,000

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