New Street Addressing System for Abu Dhabi Municipality


Design and supervise the implementation of a new addressing system for Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates and is a modern city with a population of about one million people. The city lacks an operational and usable addressing system for navigation, delivery and emergency handling.

NORPLAN has based the proposal on a study of international best addressing practices proposed and designed an addressing system adapted to the urban structure of Abu Dhabi. The system is flexible, easy to use and easy to remember. The design also included design of addressing signs. NORPLAN is supervising the implementation of the new system with installation of roughly 20,000 street name signs and 60,000 addressing signs.

The work comprises important institutional development elements. An addressing unit within the municipality shall be established, and NORPLAN will provide input to organisational structure and staffing requirements. NORPLAN is also providing essentuial input to the awareness campaign to inform the public and the businesses about the new system.

NORPLAN will also establish a database that can be utilised also by the public, governmental institutions like the police, fire department, ambulance services etc., and especially businesses like courier companies, taxi companies, home delivery businesses etc.

Project data

Internal Project Number
Project Title New Street Addressing System for Abu Dhabi Municipality
Project Category
Fields of Expertise Urban Planning, Street Addressing, Engineering
Participating Offices NORPLAN Abu Dhabi, Asplan Viak Sandvika, Oslo, Arendal, Stavanger, Trondheim
Deliverables Design of addressing system and supervision of installation of signs
Project Duration 2008 – 2017
Size of Project Area N/A
Project Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
NORPLAN Contact Person Mr Tor Gunnar Øverli
Client Abu Dhabi Municipality
Client Contact Person Eng.Mustafa Almusawa, Spatial Data Division, Abu Dhabi Municipality
Cooperating Partners  N/A
Awards  N/A
Project Value  USD 6,000,000



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