Our Expertise

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is about applying information technology to improve the way we do things to enhance quality, increase efficiency, and/or reduce cost. Coupling our skills in technology with our vast experience at all levels of government management makes us uniquely well-positioned to help you solve your digital transformation challenges.

Water & Environment

With extensive experience in all technical aspects of water supply, we are a leading consultancy in water management, network designs, utility mapping, leak detection, and water loss control.

Energy & Climate

We offer solutions that substantially reduce building energy consumption using modern and innovative processes, technology and building techniques. We also have extensive experience in energy efficiency measures to create economically and environmentally sound added values in the industry within energy management, energy-efficient practices, and issues related to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Urbanism & Planning

We are leading specialists in urban development and have extensive expertise in sustainable urban planning. Our services cover all project phases, including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, conceptual and detailed design, tender documents and procurement process, and project management and supervision. We cover buildings, outdoor spaces and the public realm — and address both feasibility and implementation costs during and functionality and aesthetics for the end-user.